Child Finder
Water Alarm System
Tracker Watch For Kids
Guardian Teddy Tracker
These safety products are made for a variety of ages and range from wearable watches to keyrings that are kid-friendly and able to inform parents and caretakers about the current location of a child or vunerable adult. In an emergency situation, being able to find a child as fast as possible is paramount.
These child tracking tools work like an extra pair of eyes to help keep tabs on your kids whereabouts. Kids can be a handful and if you look away for a second, it can be terrifying to find that they’ve gone missing from sight.
Guardian Teddy Tracker
Water Alarm System
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Tracker Watch For Kids
Guardian Teddy Tracker
Guardian Teddy Tracker
Water Alarm System
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Child Guardian
Teen Guardian
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Family Guardian
Elderly Guardian
Child Guardian 2
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Child Guardian 3
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Bicycle Tracking
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Belt Tracker
Vehicle Tracking
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Student Guardian
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Teen Guardian 2
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